Pennridge High School
Nutritional Services


Students may utilize the System to purchase meals in the cafeteria. This technology allows you to pay in advance for meals/or ala carte items. Students will still have the option to pay cash on a daily basis if they prefer. The identification of students will stay confidential as they will use their student ID number to access their account.

With this system you will be able to make payments to your child’s lunch accounts using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card, as well as an ACH withdraw from a checking or savings account.
Also, you will be able to check your child’s account balance as well as view transactions for the past thirty days. The system can also send you an email when your child’s account falls below a certain dollar amount, alerting you that it is time to make a payment.


To take advantage of the online system, please visit and click "Parents Sign Up Now". You will need your child's ID number to set up your online account.








Students may buy lunch in the cafeteria or bring lunch to school. Specific instructions for using the cafeteria will be given by the homeroom teacher or the Assistant Principal during the first few days of school. Good manners, courtesy, and respect are expected at all times. If parents/guardians need information regarding free or reduced lunch please contact the office.


A complete meal includes (1) entrée; (2) different fruits, vegetables or juice; (1) soup; (1) milk and bread. Students can purchase only 1 breakfast ($1.75) and 1 lunch ($3.00) per day. Additional meals and items can be purchased at ala carte prices. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches ($.40) may also have a free or reduced breakfast ($.30). The menu will be subject to change due to the availability of food and emergency school closings.


Click here to be redirected to the lunch menu which resides on the Pennridge School District website.