Students Complete Mosaic Project

A year-long multi-disciplinary project by Penn Central Middle School students came to an end recently with the installation of a new mosaic in the courtyard.

The inspiration for creating a mosaic originated with combining science teacher Allison Rah's 7th grade science unit on Pennsylvania wetlands with art teacher Trish Baker's 7th grade unit on ceramics. 

Funded by a grant from the Pennridge Community Education Foundation, work on the mosaic began in spring 2016 with students making the border during art class. The spring and fall Mosaic Clubs, comprised of students in grades 6 through 8, made all the animals and tiles.

Once the tiles were made, students started to break them and arrange them to create the mosaic, which is a representation of freshwater ecosystem found in Pennsylvania. Finally, students in Baker's art homeroom helped glue them to the backing and grout the mosaic, which took several days to complete.

Baker thanked parents Judy Anthony and Alison Johnson for their time in helping the Mosaic Club through the process.

"The teamwork and ongoing effort given by everyone involved was key to a successful completion," said Baker. "It was great to see the students expressions and hear the comments from students and teachers on how fantastic the mosaic looked when it was assembled and hung in the courtyard."

Students with mosaic