Social Services

Alicia Landgraf / Joseph Werner
Pennridge School District Social Workers

The school social worker is a licensed professional who provides various services to students and families in the district. The school social worker collaborates with school personnel, students, families, and community resources in order to enhance students' learning. She works as the Pennridge School District’s Homeless Liaison responsible for identifying, contacting, reporting, providing resources, and monitoring homeless families per the McKinney Vento Act.

The school social worker works with students to:
  • Provide individual and group support for students experiencing social, emotional or life event related difficulties
  • Help with coping and social skills
  • Provide resources
  • Help minimize barriers to learning
  • Work with students to improve attendance
  • Conduct home visits in order to assist students with school and truancy related concerns
The school social worker works with families to:
  • Access community based resources and services
  • Understand school policies and programs
  • Participate actively in their child's education
  • Conduct home visits in order to engage and provide assistance to families
  • The school social worker works with schools to:
  • Utilize internal and external resources to meet social, emotional, and other needs of students
  • Understand various factors that contribute to student success
  • Participate in and support Student Assistance teams
  • Provide representation on various community based panels and committees to maintain most current information on various resources and services