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What is S.A.P.?

The Student Assistance Program is a support program staffed by teachers, school counselors, nurse, administrators, and appropriate agencies from the community.  The Student Assistance team is trained to identify and refer appropriate students for professional services.


come from peers, parents, teachers, counselors, nurses, and administrators.  If there is a concern for physical and/or emotional well-being of a student, you may contact a Student Assistance team member.  Student referral sheets are located in the guidance suite.


is the strength of a Student Assistance team.  Regular core team meetings ensure timely responses to referrals.  Students with difficulties are identified and teamwork involving the home, school, and community agencies is initiated.

Team Interventions...

occur for the benefit of the student, the family, and the school.  Factual information is shared with the student and his/her parents.  The goal of the intervention is to encourage the student and family to seek assistance to address the problems identified in the intervention.

Referrals Concerns...

Self Injurious Behavior                          Depression                Drug & Alcohol Use                        Anxiety                                      Eating Disorders               

Suicide Prevention Absenteeism             Family Issues             Physical & Sexual Abuse                 Engaging in Risky Behaviors         School Phobia

How to Make a Referral...

talk to any team member              go to the guidance suite and pick up a referral            email a team member                download the form and hand it in to a team member or team members mailbox                    

SAP Team Members...

Dr. Cole, Principal              Mr. Taylor,Asst. Principal                   Mrs. Moyer, Nurse                        Ms. Marchese, Counselor                    

Mrs. Vinci, IST Teacher      Mrs. Foster, Teacher                           Mrs. Unrath, Teacher                    Mrs. Murphy, Teacher                  

Mr. Toomey, Counselor       Mrs. Mumbauer, Counselor                     

Mrs. Dodson, Penn Foundation               The Council                    Mrs. Krier-Landgraf, Social Worker

Sap Referral Form Attached


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