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Pushing Up the Sky

Pushing Up the Sky
by Joseph Bruchac
illustrated by Teresa Flavin

Genre:  Drama

Comprehension Skill - Literary Elements

Comprehension Strategy - Inferring

antlers- bony, branching growths on the head of male deer, elk or moose

imagined- made a picture or idea of something in your head

languages- human speech, spoken or written, of different groups or countries

narrator- the person who tells a story

overhead- over the head; on high; above

poked- pushed with force against someone or something

Spelling - Prefixes un-, re-, dis-,  and mis-
1.   unhappy
2.   recall
3.   disappear
4.   unload
5.   mistake
6.   misspell
7.   dislike
8.   replace
9.   mislead
10. disagree
11. rewrite
12. unroll
13. unknown
14. dishonest
15. react
16. unfortunate
17. discourage
18. uncomfortable
19. recycle
20. mispronounce