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Amazing Bird Nests

Amazing Bird Nests 

by Ron Fridell

Genre: Expository Test

Comprehension Skill - Main Idea and Details
Comprehension Strategy - Text Structure
bill- the hard mouth part of a bird

goo- sticky stuff
hunters- animals that chase other animals for food

material- what something is made of or used for

platform- a high, raised flat surface
tons- measures of weight equal to two thousand pounds each

twigs- small branches of a tree or bush

Spelling - Consonant Digraphs /sh/, /th/, /f/, /ch/, /ng/
1.  father
2.  chapter
3.  other
4.  alphabet
5.  watch
6.  English
7.  weather
8.  catch
9.  fashion
10. shrink
11. pitcher
12. flash
13. athlete
14. trophy
15. nephew

Challenge Words:
16. northern
17. establish
18. emphasis
19. hyphen
20. challenge