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Role of the Instructional Support Team
The Instructional Support Team (IST) is a systematic, intervention, planning process for students who are at risk due to learning, behavioral, and/or social difficulties.  The primary goal is to identify a student's instructional needs and to provide specific supports within the regular education classroom necessary for school success.  

The instructional support teacher instructs the teaching teams with identifying the students need for support, determining the strategies needed to assist the student, implementing the strategies through a continuum of services, and providing the support for staff, students, and their families with implementing the interventions.  

 Pennridge Central Middle School
Deana McCann
215-258-0939 ext: 701157
Pennridge North Middle School 
Jamie Vinci
215-453-6832 ext: 222334
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Pennridge South Middle School  
Holly Pollock
215-257- 0467 ext: 995001

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