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    Dear 5th Grade Parents and Guardians,

    We appreciate the time and effort that our students are putting into the PSSA Math and Reading this week. We’ve noticed that students are taking their time with the PSSAs and we are very pleased to see their strong efforts. Looking forward to the PSSA Writing, we want to help our students out by spreading out the three sections of this test over three days – this will shorten each session. To do this we have changed the schedule so that fifth graders have a third day of PSSA Writing testing (April 8 – 10). We are sure breaking up the testing over three days will benefit our students and hope it is not an inconvenience to you.

    Parents/Guardians, please click here to visit a website for a free typing program for students!
    Dr. Patricia A. Guth 

    Elementary School
    601 N. 7th Street
    Perkasie, PA  18944
    Phone:  (215)257-8057
    Fax:  (215)257-1389
    Office Hours:  7:45am - 4:15pm
    Doors open for students at 8:05am.  Students may enter the building and go directly into the cafeteria to await dismissal to classrooms at 8:20am.
    School begins (1st - 5th grades) at 8:35am.  All students entering after 8:35am must go to the office to sign in and receive a late pass.
            AM Kindergarten:  8:45-11:25am (doors open at 8:35am)
            PM Kindergarten:  12:20-3:00pm (doors open at 12:10pm)
    If school has a 2-hour delay, the modified Kindergarten schedule is:
            AM Kindergarten:  10:40-12:20pm (doors open at 10:30am)
            PM Kindergarten:  1:20-3:00pm (doors open at 1:10pm)
    School dismissal (1st - 5th grades) begins at 3:20pm with buses, followed by walkers and then car riders.  If school has an early dismissal due to weather conditions, we will start dismissing approximately 1:15pm.
    To report an absence, please call (215)257-8220 and press 4 for attendance.