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Pennridge Central Middle School
Guidance and Counseling 

                                              Stacey DeMichele                                               Eric Toomey                            
                                              6th & 8th Grade Counselor                                     7th Grade Counselor                      
                                              215-258-0939 ext. 701005                                             215-258-0939 ext  851007             

                                                                                           Vicki Bobsein
                                                                                           Guidance Secretary
                                                                                           215-258-0939 ext 3

Role of the School Counselor 

The school counselor helps students with a variety of concerns, including adjustment to middle school, social issues, and  high school and career planning.   Parents and school staff are partners with the middle school counselor in bridging the gap from childhood to adolescence. Counseling and guidance services are carried out through both individual  contacts and support groups.