Pennridge Central Middle School

Guidance and Instructional Support 

    Stacey DeMichele                        Eric Toomey                            
Elizabeth Wiley
    7th & 8th Grade Counselor              6th Grade Counselor                     Instructional Support Teacher
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Role of Counselor and IST

Role of the School Counselor

The school counselor helps students with a variety of concerns, including adjustment to middle school, social issues, and  high school and career planning.   Parents and school staff are partners with the middle school counselor in bridging the gap from childhood to adolescence. Counseling and guidance services are carried out through both individual  contacts and support groups.

Role of the Instructional Support Teacher

The Instructional support team process is a systematic intervention planning process for students who are at risk academically. The primary goal is to identify a student's instructional needs and to provide the support necessary for school success.
The instructional support teacher assists the teaching teams with identifying a student's need for support, determining the strategies needed to assist the student, implementing the strategies through a continuum of services, and providing the support for staff, students and their families with implementing the interventions .