Lifetouch Picture Day is now rescheduled. 
  • The spring portraits will be Monday, April 23rd. 

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Mr. Howard Vogel

Administrative Assistant
Marianne Matz

600 Rickert Road
Sellersville, PA 18960



Our Schedule

Morning Kindergarten
Doors open: 8:50am
School starts: 9am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Afternoon Kindergarten
Arrival: 12:30pm
School starts: 12:40pm
Dismissal: 3:20pm

Grades 1-5
Doors open: 8:20am
School starts: 8:50pm
Rider pick-up: 3:30pm
Bus dismissal: 3:35pm

School Closing Information

When we have a two-hour delay the schedule is:

Morning Kindergarten
Doors open: 10:50am
School starts: 11am
Dismissal: 12:40am

Afternoon Kindergarten
Arrival: 1:30pm
School starts: 1:40pm
Dismissal: 3:20pm

Grades 1-5
Doors open: 10:20am
School starts: 10:50am
Rider Pick-up: 3:20pm
Bus dismissal: 3:35pm

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Upcoming Grasse Events

T.A.K.E.S. P.R.I.D.E. Theme

April’s “T.A.K.E.S.  P.R.I.D.E.” theme is “initiative.”   “Initiative” means making decisions and taking action on your own without the advice or help from others.  People who demonstrate “initiative” take steps to make things happen.  They design a strategy to solve a problem or make a plan to achieve something they desire.  This month, take time to practice “initiative.”  Some ways you can do this include:  helping someone in need even before the person asks; inviting a bullying victim to join in a game with you and your friends; doing what is right without waiting to be told and using time wisely to solve problems and accomplish goals.  “Initiative” is one of the top qualities today’s employers are seeking.  Those who demonstrate “initiative” will be the ones most likely to be hired and promoted.  At school and at work, those with “initiative” will be those most likely to achieve success!