Ask your child what was learned at school each day.
Be sure your child attends school on a regular basis.
Contact the school whenever your child is absent or whenever you have a concern.
Do go over the school rules with your child.
Encourage your child's schoolwork each night.
Foster a love of reading by reading to your child daily.
Go over your child's schoolwork each night.
Have an area to display your child's work. Check your child's folder each evening.
Increase your child's self esteem with positive comments.
Join our Parent Teacher Organization. 
Keep in contact with your child's teacher. 
Listen to your child's concerns and interests.
Model respect, kindness, and courtesy for your child. 
Notify the school if  there are any changes in address, medication, etc.
Organize your child's materials each night.
Practice good manners with your child.
Question your child about the school day. 
Read the school handbook and other notes that come home.
Set a special time aside each night for your child to do homework.
Talk to your child's teacher if there is a concern.
Understand that all children are unique and special.
Visit the school on parent conference days, visitation week, and special events.
 W, X, Y, Z
We , the staff of J.M. Grasse Elementary School
eXpect your child to COOPERATE, show a positive ATTITUDE, give RESPECT, show EMPATHY, and practice SAFETY with
you and their school community at all times in order to make learning
"E-Z" for all! 

J.M. Grasse Elementary School C.A.R.E.S About All Children!