GRADES 3-5 SEL Survey Sept. 2016


GRADES 1-2 SEL Survey Sept. 2016

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Mr. Howard Vogel

Administrative Assistant
Marianne Matz

600 Rickert Road
Sellersville, PA 18960



Our Schedule

Morning Kindergarten
Doors open: 8:50am
School starts: 9am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Afternoon Kindergarten
Arrival: 12:30pm
School starts: 12:40pm
Dismissal: 3:20pm

Grades 1-5
Doors open: 8:20am
School starts: 8:50pm
Rider pick-up: 3:30pm
Bus dismissal: 3:35pm

School Closing Information

When we have a two-hour delay the schedule is:

Morning Kindergarten
Doors open: 10:50am
School starts: 11am
Dismissal: 12:40am

Afternoon Kindergarten
Arrival: 1:30pm
School starts: 1:40pm
Dismissal: 3:20pm

Grades 1-5
Doors open: 10:20am
School starts: 10:50am
Rider Pick-up: 3:20pm
Bus dismissal: 3:35pm

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Photo of the Day

Hour of Code

Second graders and fourth graders got together Wednesday morning as part of Hour of Code activities, a global effort to introduce youngsters to the importance of computer science in learning.

T.A.K.E.S. P.R.I.D.E. Theme

September's theme is TRUSTWORTHINESS. During the month, student will learn lessons that show how people who are trustworthy are worthy of your confidence and are reliable. They are counted on to do what they say they will do.

U.S. General Robert E. Lee once said:

“I cannot trust a man to control others
who cannot control himself.” 

Gen. Lee had to choose between his loyalty to the U.S. government or his state of Virginia.  He chose Virginia and led the southern forces in the Civil War.  Lee was a man of integrity who was true to his belief that he was a Virginian first.   

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