Student Council News

                                   2018-2019 Student Council Meeting Schedule

February Event(s):

This year, we are once again proud to join hundreds of schools in Pennsylvania in supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's 
Pasta for Pennies Program, which benefits children throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. 

This is a program where children work together to help other children who are battling this deadly disease.

The collection will begin on Monday, February 4th and will end Friday, February 22nd.
Students who wish to participate, should bring in spare change: pennies, nickels,
dimes and quarters. We'll even take dollars too! The money we raise will help children who are very ill and their families. 

The top fundraising class in our school will win a Hospitaliano Luncheon Party at the Olive Garden.

There are lots of good reasons to donate spare change for this worthy cause! Remember it starts February 4th and ends February 22nd.

Thank you for considering!

Family Fun Dance is sold out!
Tickets are sold out for Our annual PTO/Student Council February Family Fun Dance.
Tickets will not be sold at the door as we have reached capacity. 

January Event(s):

January Jerky Time!

Since our T.A.K.E.S. P.R.I.D.E. theme for the month of January was Service, the Student Council teamed up with the “Good To Go” organization by 

helping the men and women who are in service to our country. We are hosted “January Jerky Time”.  

From January 7th through January 18th, we collected beef jerky for our troops stationed overseas. 

Beef jerky is one of the most requested items by the troops. It is high in protein and convenient to take out on missions.

We are so proud and happy to report that through the generosity of our wonderful Deibler community, we collected over 600 packages!!

Thank you to all of you who participated!

Toys for FISH holiday sing off results 2018

December Event(s):

For our December service project, the Student Council once again collected toys for Pennridge F.I.S.H. 
Students who wanted to participate brought in a new, unwrapped toy to place in one of the collection boxes
located in the cafeteria lobby. To help boost our collection drive,  some of our Deibler staff members participated in a Holiday Sing Off Contest!
The Student Council created a list of possible holiday songs that contestants could sing. Each song was placed on a slip of paper
to be randomly drawn from a container. Each staff member who was interested in participating in the contest also
had their name put on a slip of paper to be randomly drawn and placed on a team.
We had so many enthusiastic volunteer singers that we needed to form 3 teams.
Each team was assigned a musically talented Team Leader. 

Members of the Student Council then randomly selected the teams and songs. Each Team Leader was given the 
names of the staff members on their team along with the songs.
Only Mrs. Phillips and the teams knew the team and 
song assignments.

Teams then met, selected their team name and recorded their songs (see below). Each team name along with the name 
of their song selections were placed on a collection bin in the cafeteria lobby. Students were encouraged 
to "vote" for their favorite team by placing a new, unwrapped toy in their team's collection box.

The team with the most "votes" as indicated by the amount of toys in their box, were announced at our holiday 
sing along.

Thank you to everyone who participated in  this very worthy cause!



  November Event(s): 

In honor of Veterans' Day, the Student Council sponsored a collection drive for Go To Go Care Boxes for our troops who are stationed overseas serving in our military. Pictured below are Mrs Theresa Sablosky, President of Good to Go Care Boxes and Ms. Kelli Bergiven, her helper picking up the donations that were collected during the week. 

In addition, students made cards of appreciation which Mrs. Phillips delivered to Mr. Dan Fraley, Director of the Bucks County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. The cards will be distributed to local Veterans' hospitals and organizations. 


    October Event(s):

    KidStuff Coupon Book sales- October 1st through the 12th. 
    Thank you for everyone who supported the Student Council by purchasing a book!

  September Event(s):
Elections for Classroom Representatives will occur September 11-13.
   Show Your Patriotism Day September 11th. 
 Wear red, white and blue!
    Meetings: September  18th and 25th