Robert B. Deibler Elementary School 
Staff Directory

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Voice Mailboxes 215-453-2765 (extensions are listed next to each name)
Mrs. Casi Plourde  (ext. 541001) 

              Office Staff

Mrs. Shirl Heimbach, Administrative Assistant 
(ext. 541002)

Mrs. Patti Keeler, Attendance Clerk 
(ext. 541003)

Mrs. Krista Granite  (ext. 

     First Grade Supplies

Miss Andrea Kelly (ext. 222082)

Mrs. Suzanne Rodowicz (ext. 222090)

Mrs. Kathleen Ronald (ext. 

Mrs. Kathryn Dunn (ext. 

Mrs. Summer Renshaw (ext. 
Mrs. Tracee Myers  (ext. 222084)
Mrs. Karen Reed (ext. 222088)  

Mrs. Denise Trafidlo (ext. 222094)

Ms. Pamela Chelbus (ext. 

Mrs. Amanda Mahaney (ext. 

Mrs. Amy Weir (ext. 
222096 ) 

          Mrs. Kathryn Glahn-Ryan (ext. 222078
Ms. Nicole Ray (ext. 222087)                                 

Mrs. Brenda Wundschock (ext. 

Fifth Grade Website 


Mrs. Claudia Balant (ext. 222073)

Mrs. Balant's Webpage 


Mrs. Laura Philip, Librarian
 (ext. 222085)

Library Website

Mrs. Alyson McComsey, 
Library Aide (ext. 541002)

Music Department   

Vocal Music Website 

Mrs. Sara Gray (ext. 

Mr. Nick Hill  (ext. 222483)

Instrumental Music Website

Mr. Nick Hill  (ext 222483)

Mrs. Beth Stanell (ext. 

Physical Education /Health


Mrs. Lynly Sturza (ext. 542600)
                      Learning Support

Mrs. Nicole Stanziola ( Grades K - 3) (ext. 

Mrs. Stanziola's Website

Mrs. Melissa Wallace  
(Grades 4-5) (ext. 222095)

               Instructional Support

Mrs. Jane Phillips (ext. 541010)

Mrs. Phillips' Webpage 

Reading Specialist

Ms. Kendal Williamson (ext.222106)
Gifted Support

Mrs. Lindsay Wood (ext. 


School Nurses

Mrs. Nikki DeMarco,  Certified School Nurse (ext. 541004)

Mrs. Deborah Kantner, Staff Nurse (ext. 541004)

Nurses' Website



School Psychologist

Ms. Lori Zimmerman (ext. 222159)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Mary Love (ext. 541002)

Mrs. Linda Sestito (ext. 541002)

Speech and Language

Occupational Therapy

Itinerate Hearing


Mrs. Angela Piacine  (ext. 541002)


          Mrs. Ann White (ext. 541002)

Playground Aide

Mrs. Erika Craven (541002)

Mrs. Patty Youmans (541002)


Cafeteria Staff

Mrs.Karen Leyden, Cafeteria Manager (ext.  546000)

 Mr. Kevin Rech (ext. 546000)

Mrs. Mariam Saban-Boussetta (ext. 546000)


Mr. Richard Joyce, Building Facilities Manager
(ext. 543000)

Mr. Kevin Brown, Custodian (ext. 541002

Mr. Evan Marks (ext. 541002)