KidStuff Coupon Book Information

Great News... The Student Council will be sponsoring the sale of KidStuff Coupon Books from October 1st through October 12th. Books will be sent home with the youngest in family. Families now have the opportunity to purchase these valuable, family-friendly coupon books for only $25.00! KidStuff Coupon Books are only sold through schools and our school earns 50% or more profit on each book we sell!

Use just a few coupons and save more than the $25 cost of the book...Remember to keep the book in your car! You will enjoy fabulous savings from:  Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sears, Loft, Children's Place, Payless, Michael's, Bed Bath & Beyond, H& M, Ulta Beauty and more! We are raising money for Student Council Activities and Service Projects (Toys for F.I.S.H., Pasta for Pennies, Family Fun Dance, Flagging the graves of Veterans, I Can Prizes, etc.).

Family and friends will love saving with KidStuff...The books are great for gifts too! Check out all 20 valuable editions listed on the first page of your KidStuff book or visit  


You earn 1 FREE book worth $25 for every 5 books you sell! For example, sell 10 books and earn 2 FREE books with $50, sell 15 books and earn 3 FREE books worth $75!


1. We are sending home a KidStuff book so families will see the high value of the coupons, a letter with instructions, an Order Form (on the back of the letter), and a Money Collection Envelope.

2. To purchase one book, please keep and pay for the book sent home.  Make all checks and money orders payable to: Robert B. Deibler Elementary School.

3. HELPFUL SALES TIPS: Share this opportunity with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. KidStuff books make wonderful gifts too! Bring the book and Order Form with you wherever you go!

4. It's easy to order additional books! For example, if you are purchasing 3 books, pay $75, keep the book sent home and order 2 additional books. Use your order Form to keep track of your sales. Any additional books you order will be sent home.

5. If you sell 5 or more books, keep the book sent home as your FREE book.

6. Collect payment of $25 a book when taking orders. Make all checks and money orders payable to: Robert B. Deibler Elementary School.

7. Please fill in the information on the Money Collection Envelope and enclose your payment. The Money Collection Envelope should be returned to school by FRIDAY,OCTOBER 12th.

8. The book sent home is NOT a sample book for you to keep. If you choose not to take advantage of this opportunity, please immmediately return the KidStuff book in a bag labeled with your child's name to your child's teacher.

9. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Jane Phillips, Mrs. Patti Keeler or Mrs. Shirl Heimbach at 215-257-1146.