News From Seylar Grade 3

         It is hard to believe we are already in our fourth marking period. It will be filled with many exciting units of study and culminating activities. 

      In reading, we are finishing up working on Unit 4 in Reading Street.  Students have been exploring our "Big Idea", What does it mean to be unique? Students have been busy reading a variety of opinion biographies.  Below is a downloadable version of the Book projects chart, if you need a second copy. 

     In math, we are working on chapter 10, "Review of Units and Measures". We urge students to continue to review basic multiplication facts, which students were introduced to back in chapter 4. Practicing basic facts at home will be highly beneficial to you child for our upcoming units and state testing.  We will have our Unit Math 10 Assessment on June 3rd. 
         We are well into our unit on Life Cycles.  Students have been monitoring their larva/caterpillar daily, and recording changes they observe. Many have gone into their chrysalises.  Students have begun to research an insect of interest.  They are learning about their habitats, adaptations and predators.
       We will are into our third Native American Unit: The Southwest.   Students have enjoyed learning about the many tribes that lived in the Plains and Eastern Woodlands.  They are now adding to their knowledge, building on what they learned about the Eastern Woodland, Pacific Northwest and Plains Tribes.  

    At an upcoming assembly, our school's PAW recipients will be  recognized for our focus area "U"-United!  Congratulations to those who have earned paws thus far!  
   We enjoy working together with you, we are Pennridge PROUD!.

                                               The Third Grade Team  

                                           Mrs. Samuels, Miss Silvi, and Mrs. Benstead



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