News From Seylar Grade 3

         It is hard to believe we are already in our fourth marking period.  Many of you are aware that next week our students will be taking The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).  

Our scheduled dates for testing are: 

 The reading and Language Arts Portion is first: Tuesday, April 14th - Test 1 in the morning, Wednesday, April 15th-Test II in the morning, Thursday,April 16th Test III in the morning, Friday, April 17th-Test IV in the morning, the final Reading/Language Arts Test. 

The Week of April 20th, the math portion of state testing will be administered Tuesday through Thursday.  This portion of testing only has three sections. Any  make-up testing will be conducted under the testing coordinator's supervision and scheduling. 

We are asking for your support on the home front.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep.  Research shows this does have a significant impact on a child’s ability to maintain focus.  This same correlation has been linked to eating breakfast, so we also ask that your child

have a nutritious breakfast each morning.  Children will continue having snack daily. Please send in nutritious snacks.   We do have a class supply of pencils; however, this supply is not endless, and they do not sharpen the best.  Materials you may want to consider having set to go for your child on Monday: sharpened Tigonderoga #2 pencils, a hand pencil sharpener, puzzle books or interesting magazines. We thank you for your continued help and support.

**Please try to make sure your child arrives on time--testing will begin promptly at 9. 

      In reading, we are working on Unit 4 in Reading Street.  Students are exploring our "Big Idea", What does it mean to be unique? Students have been busy reading a variety of opinion biographies.  April Reading Calendars will be due on Thursday, April 30th. Below is a downloadable version of the April Book projects chart, if you need a second copy. 

     In math, we are working on chapter 9, "Larger Multiplication Problems". We urge students to continue to review basic multiplication facts, which students were introduced to back in chapter 4. Practicing basic facts at home will be highly beneficial to you child for our upcoming units and state testing.  Congratulations to those students who earned all the blue ribbons on Study Island!  A celebration was held on Monday, April 13th. 
         We wrapped up our investigations in ourFOSS science unit in Energy.  The students really enjoyed the hands-on experiments.   We hope they continue asking questions at home about energy sources, MPG, renewable energy, etc. 
       We will are into our third Native American Unit: The Southwest  Students have enjoyed learning about the many tribes that lived in the Plains and Eastern Woodlands.  They are now adding to their knowledge, building on what they learned about the Eastern Woodland, Pacific Northwest and Plains Tribes.  

    At an upcoming assembly, our school's PAW recipients will be  recognized for our focus area "U"-United!  Congratulations to those who have earned paws thus far!  
   We enjoy working together with you, we are Pennridge PROUD!.

                                               The Third Grade Team  

                                           Mrs. Samuels, Miss Silvi,  and Mrs. Benstead



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