Welcome to the Seylar 3rd Grade Website!  This website has a number of links we hope will be useful for parents and students.  

     It is difficult to believe, we are already in to the second half of our school year.  In the near future, teachers will select a few students for a parent-teacher conference. The information about this will be coming in the next few weeks. 

     In math, we are beginning out Everyday Math  Unit 8 entitled, "Fractions".  Student received their new math journals, which contains Units 7-11.  We are skipping over Unit 7, temporarily, to ensure students have fractions concepts securely mastered prior to spring assessments. Fractions was identified as a skill area of need through our recent winter Linkit benchmarking. In Unit 8, we will explore naming fraction parts, equivalent fractions, fractions greater than one, and using fractions in number stories.    We remind students to use the resources our school provides for them to help.  There are a number of math sites provided on on Curriculum Page-linked to math. Please continue to encourage your child to access these sites to help develop and maintain skills.

          In reading, we are beginning Unit  5; the "Big Question"-What does it mean to be unique?"
Our first story's focus question-"What happens when two ways of live come together ?" During this unit students will the genres of poetry, and realistic fiction.  Students will be reviewing generalization, comparing and contrasting texts and they will be introduced to theme and symbolism.  Students will continue to utilize nonfiction texts in their subject areas, and review their useful text features, and work on applying focus skills introduced in reading instruction in their small group book clubs.
     We are well in to our Energy Unit.  Students have been enjoying the FOSS hands on labs, as they lear about energy form, transfer of energy and energy conversion. We aare moving into learning about the area of sound energy. 
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                  The Third Grade Team  

Mrs. Benstead, Mrs. Donato and Mrs. Samuels

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