Staff Directory

Our compassionate and skilled teaching staff is committed to providing a comfortable, orderly, and engaging environment in which students are taught how to learn and how to apply their new knowledge and skills critically and creatively. Instruction is differentiated, affording students opportunities to learn according to how they learn best. Cooperative structures are characteristic of our classroom instruction, which foster the development of appropriate social skills and valuable learning habits. 

I regularly observe students actively taking responsibility for their own learning and that of their peers. Students are taught to be open-minded thinkers and encouraged to interact patiently and respectfully. Through these learning opportunities, our students are empowered to be responsible learners who play an active role in the daily function of our school. Our dedicated professionals focus on providing an education that encourages and challenges each student to do their very best and perhaps realize a greater potential.

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To reach a Bedminster Elementary School staff member's voicemail, please dial 215-453-2765 followed by their individual extension.

Principal: Stephanie Washam

Secretary: Beth Barndt

Attendance Clerk: Lisa Czarnecki

To report an absence:  BEDAttendance

School Nurse: Ginny Egan

Staff Nurse: Jackie Mattes

Guidance Counselor: Judy Gilotti


Art: Adrienne Lucci, ext. 222015

LibraryLinda Nolan, ext. 532500 - WEBSITE

Library Clerk: Connie Freed

Music: Sara Gray, ext. 222080 and Catherine Pfahler, ext. 22459 - WEBSITE

Physical Education: Judy Antonucci, ext. 222001

Strings: Beth Stanell, ext. 222328 - WEBSITE

BandKrysti Nappi ext. 222384 - WEBSITE


    Tracy Clemens, ext. 222003
    Ashley Weida, ext. 222568
    Laura Crawley, ext 222005

Grade 1
    Chelsey Flaherty, ext. 222361
    Lorrie Petersen, ext. 222022
    Ailish Simonson, ext. 222568
Grade 2
    Joanne McElwee, ext. 222511
    Sarah Mardirosian, ext. 222016 
    Jean McMenamin, ext. 222018
    Ashley Zuccarini, ext 222030

Grade 3
    Meghan McGovern ext. 222002
    Heather Meiners, ext. 222019
    Laura White, ext. 222027 -- Website

Grade 4 
    Christine Leatherman, ext. 222012
    Jennifer May, ext. 222017 -- Website
    Susan Robinson, ext. 222023
    Maggi Iuliano, ext. 222009

Grade 5 -- Website
    Robert James, ext. 222443
    Kellyann Johnson, ext.  
    Cheryl Lorish, ext. 222014

Other Staff

    School Psychologist: Brian Bacher
    STEM/Gifted: Peg Volak, ext. 222127 Website 
    Reading Support: Connie Smeland, ext. 
    Lisa Hersh, ext. 222008
    Speech Therapist: Pam Kreft, ext. 222011 
    Kelly Lill, ext, 532005
    Christine Svansonext. 222026