Welcome to Our Lexus Challenge Project Website

Our Goal:
To teach other students/people that there are simple ways that they can make a big difference on the environment.
Working hand in hand to save our land.

 Final Challenge:
This time around, we are focusing on car efficiency as well as promoting our previous goals. Our goals were to have at least 10,000 people hear about what we are doing, improve people's gas mileage, and get people to check their tire pressure.

Team T.R.E.E. Auto Tips to Save Money and the Environment

1. Check Tires Often.

Less tire pressure means more friction with the road. The more friction you have, the harder the engine has to work, which means lower mpg. The lower your miles per gallon, the more money you spend. To find the proper tire pressure, you should check the panel that you will find on the edge of the driver's door.

2. Remove Extra Weight From Your Car

Every 100 pounds of extra weight reduces your gas mileage by 1% to 2%. This is like paying 3 cents to 7 cents per gallon for each 100 pounds of extra weight.

3. Don't Speed

Gas mileage decreases quickly at speeds over 60 mph. For every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, it is like paying about 27 cents extra per gallon.

4. Plan Your Errands.

Trip planning can shorten the distance you drive.

What We Did in the First Challenge:
We are continuing to manage the paper recycling at NMS.  This year we have already recycled 3000+ pounds of paper which represents 25+ trees which will continue to absorb climate changing carbon dioxide.
*We presented morning announcements reminding students about the recycling bins and what types of paper items should be recycled.
We organized a Green Week at our school.
*Our class video with simple energy saving tips were shown to the entire school through the science classes.  Our school has an enrollment of 564 students.  View Video Here
*Our class presented short audio skits about saving energy on the morning announcements every morning for entire Green Week. 
*Our class created a video game with an environmental theme for green week that was played in the computer classes.  Play Game Here
We shared out green tips with the community through our local newspaper, The Nevada Daily Mail.   Green Week Article--Click Here
Our Successes:
We have recycled over 3000 lbs of paper so far.  That represents 25+ trees worth of paper.
We had over 200 students participate in our Green Week pajama day, to save laundering an extra set of clothes.
Our video received good feedback from the over 650 students and teachers that viewed it.
Our student written newspaper articles/green tips were run in our Local Newspaper, The Nevada Daily Mail, getting out to the community the tips we wished to share. 
Our morning announcements reached all the students in attendance those days and shared with them simple tips that they can do.
How We Got Our Message Out For the Final Challenge:
1.  Radio Station PSA Aired 20 times, On Radio Station News, and Interview with Russ Warren on KNEM/KNMO--Find February 27 Update Program to Listen to the Interview. 
2.  Newspaper Article in Nevada Daily Mail
3.  Article in District Newsletter--See Attached Below
5.  Car Tips Video Game on Scratch

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