Welcome to the Junior Bunk Page! Home of the "American Flags" and the "Liberty Bells!"

Welcome to Week # 6!
Dear Jr. Bunk Parents,
It's week # six of camp and we have a very special show planned on Friday, July 25th. Philadelphia's very own, Give and Take Jugglers will be here to entertain the campers! We are also very busy preparing our bunk songs for the Bunk Song and Poster Contest. We hope to also participate in the talent show during week 7!

We hope that you "Like" our new summer camp Facebook page (Penn Charter Summer Camps because it is filled with great photos during each week at camp. 

Have a great week!

Jr. Bunk Counselors

Junior Bunk Reminder Checklist:




  Water shoes or flip flops


  Label Everything

  Extra Clothes


  Water Bottles

  Rest Mat & Stuffed Animal


Welcome to Week # 5!

Dear Jr. Bunk Parents,

We have another exciting week planned for our campers so just a few reminders of the things to come. Wednesday, July 16th is the

 cookout. Campers will be served beef hot dogs, watermelon, potato chips and juice for lunch. Please pack your child a lunch if he/she does not want the food that is being offered for lunch. If you think that your child may want an additional snack for later in the day please feel free to pack your child an afternoon snack.

On Thursday, July 17th, there will be an all-day eraser hunt! We hope we will find the most erasers! Be sure to look in your camper’s

 backpack to see what your Junior camper found.

On Friday, July 18th, there will be the Crazy Olympic color contest. Wear your team color!

Some important things to remember:

·         Camp begins at 9:00 a. m. If you drop off anytime before 8:45 a.m., please make arrangements to bring your child to the Early Bird Program and not to their bunk. If you are not enrolled in the Early Bird program, you should give 24 hours notice. J

·         Pack extra snacks for your children! They are hungry in the afternoon!

·         Label all of your children’s clothing.

We are looking forward to a great week! 


Thank you,

Jr. Bunk Counselors

Junior A at the Cookout!


Treasure Hunt with Junior Bunk

Junior Dress up Spirit of Philly!

Penn Charter Summer Camp 2014 
Week 4 (July 7 - July 11)

Dear Jr. Bunk Parents,

          We have another exciting week planned for our campers so just a few reminders of things to come. Tuesday, July 8th, we will have another awesome treasure hunt in the magical garden. Please wear your camp T-shirt on Tuesday for pictures! On Wednesday, July 9th, the Jr. Bunkers will have the annual dress up parade. Campers are encouraged to dress up for the Spirit of Philadelphia theme. Some suggestions are Ben Franklin, the American Flag, your favorite Philly sports team, a colonial person, a rower, a firefighter, a mayor, a postal worker etc. Feel free to find materials around the home to make the costumes. Of course if your child loves to dress up as Batman or a princess, these characters are also welcome! This is an optional activity if your child is not comfortable dressing up, he/she does not have to. They can still be part of the fun. Please send your child to camp dressed in his/her swimsuit under the costume. We will go swimming immediately following the parade.

          The parade will happen in the activities room as soon as we can get all of the Junior Bunk campers downstairs (9:15am). Parents are welcome to stay for the parade. If you can’t stay, we will have pictures available on the camp Facebook page or the camp blog, which will capture all of the fun and excitement of the parade. Here is the link: http://sites.google.com/a/penncharater.com/william-penn-charter-day-camp-page/.

          Finally Charlie has a very special day planned for campers on Friday. As part of our Spirit of Philadelphia Theme, we will have a visit from Ben Franklin and the Philadelphia Zoo will bring animals in for a special show in the afternoon. Included in the day’s events will be a guest visit from Mr. Eckel (one of the teachers at Penn Charter). He will take us to visit the beehive that he manages on campus. What a busy day we have planned for the campers. Our fourth week of camp is going to be a wonderful week!

          Every Friday the children will be dismissed from the flagpole not the classroom. Each child will be given a special treat to eat during Friday flagpole activities.


Thank you,

Jr. Bunk Counselors

Junior Bunk Rope Pull!

Junior A and AA Rope Pull!


Junior Bunk Week #2

First Week at Camp!