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Junior Play and Hunts

Reminders for Jr. Bunks:




 Water shoes or flip flops


 Label Everything

 Extra Clothes


Welcome to Week #4!

Dear Jr. Bunk Parents,

                 We have another exciting week planned for our campers. Here are a few reminders of the special events for this week. Tuesday, July 7, we will have another awesome treasure hunt in the magical garden. We are eagerly waiting to see what exciting treasures will be found in the garden this week.


     On Wednesday, July 8th, the Jr. Bunkers will have the annual dress up parade. Campers are encouraged to dress up for the Tropical Paradise Theme parade. Some suggestions are mermaids, pirates, hula dancers, palm tree, fish, and tropical animals. Feel free to find materials around your home to make the costume. Of course if your child loves to dress up as Batman, Wonder Woman, a king, a queen, a princess, a mail carrier, or a doctor… These characters are also welcome! This is an optional activity if your child is not comfortable dressing up, he/she does not have to. They can still be part of the fun. Please send your child to camp with their costume in a bag. We will dress the children for this special afternoon parade.        


    Finally, Charlie has a very special day planned for the campers on Friday.  We will have a Taino Caribbean Celebration in the afternoon.  Our fourth week of camp is going to be a wonderful week!


    Every Friday the children will be dismissed from the tent in front of the school.  Each child will be given a special treat to eat during Friday flagpole activities.

Thank you,

Jr. Bunk Counselors 

Junior B stopped by Chris' room to see the turtle and the chinchilla.

Here are the Red & Yellow Teams for this summer!

Red Team

 Junior AA

Louisa Holmes

Lilly Ludwig

Tafadzwa Mudzamba

 Junior A

Francesco Chavarro

Peter Helgerson

 Paul Kelly

Haley Shilliday

Shepard Thomas

Robi Taylor

 Junior B

Lexi Clapp

Gus Conley

Liam Dougherty

Alison Ezzo

Jet Harrison

Leo Kelley

Elliott Robin

June Row

Yellow Team


Junior AA

John Hassler

Mori Light

Mira Nimul

Junior A

Aaron Fisher

Munashe Kachidza

Rory Mather

Didi Parisi

Zoe Tripp

Quinn Walsh

Junior B

Connor Augenbraun

Ari Feldman

Naya Gollapudi

Valentine Hartranft

Evie Hassler

Addison Marg

Eloise Oberfield

Mile Stewart