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Name_________________________________________________   camera number____________

I take full responsibility for the equipment that I borrow and use in photography class. :

I will handle the camera carefully and wear the camera strap around my neck when walking with the camera, or photographing without a tripod.
I will make sure that my camera is securely attached to the tripod and that the tripod is stable before letting go of the camera.
I will maintain all parts of the tripod
I will upload my photos onto my class USB flashdrive at the end of each class. If I do not upload my photos, I understand that I might loose them.
I will eject my flashdrive properly from the computer
I will  store my flashdrive in the appropriate bin in the studio.  I understand that my flashdrive must remain in the studio.
I will  turn my camera off at the end of class
I will let the teacher know when my battery is low so that it can be recharged and ready for use
I will use the computers and tablets with care.
I will carefully return my camera to the correct storage box at the end of each class period 
I will sign out my camera with the proper paper paperwork if I need it outside of class time
I will assume responsibility for lost or broken equipment when it is in my care
I will let the teacher know if my camera is not working properly