We, the staff of Topsail Elementary School believe:

  • learning is our focus, and is not limited to academics.
  • working together achieves positive, desired outcomes.
  • decision-making will be driven by results, not our intentions.
  • proactive problem-solving and interventions allow students to excel.
  • expectations shall be taught and consistently modeled.
  • high expectations are met when children are nurtured and challenged.
  • a culture of celebration is built when effort, kindness and achievement are acknowledged.


The mission of Topsail Elementary School:

  • In partnership with families and invested individuals, TES seeks to build a thriving and culturally-responsive school community, dedicated to continued growth that makes learning a reality for all.
  • Strives to provide and create differentiated learning opportunities that will prepare and inspire our students to excel in the 21st Century world.
  • Is committed to a safe environment where all individuals experience success and a sense of belonging.

School History

The history of Topsail Elementary school is long and varied. It first opened its doors in 1956 as Annandale Elementary School serving African American students from the Hampstead community. In the late 60’s it was renamed Topsail Primary School and welcomed all children K-2. In 1990, an expanded Topsail Elementary served children K-5. With the addition of 2 schools, North and South Topsail Elementary, TES became the middle school for a few years. In 2009, Topsail Elementary re-opened its doors again as an elementary school and has enjoyed the support of its families and community ever since. We are the home of approximately 560 ‘soaring ospreys’, a school committed to excellence and service.