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Media Center

“The more that you read,
The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,
The more places you’ll go!”

~Dr. Seuss~

Welcome to the Rocky Point Elementary Media Center!

Each class visits our media center once a week for library/computer class and to check in and check out books.  Students can check out new books when they return the books they have.  If a book is lost or damaged, the student will not be allowed to check out books until books are returned or until the media center has received payment to replace the book.

Please encourage your children to take extra good care of their books.  Please remind them to…
-Keep books in a safe place away from younger children and pets.
-Never eat or drink around your library books.
-Zip books up safely in your book bag when traveling to and from school.
-Wash your hands before reading your library books.
-Turn your pages carefully from the top corner of the page. 
-Turn your books in on time so you can get a new book and others can enjoy the book you borrowed. 

The better we take care of our books, the more all students can enjoy them year after year.

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