We, the staff of Rocky Point Elementary, will prepare productive and responsible citizens for success in a globally competitive society.


The mission of Rocky Point Elementary is to partner with families to create a safe, supportive educational environment that fosters the highest achievement for all students through high expectations and high-quality instruction.

School History

Rocky Point Elementary School serves a rural population in the Rocky Point area of Pender County, North Carolina. It began as a school that served K-6 grade, then became a K-5 school more than thirty years ago. From 2001-2013, Rocky Point was designated as a K-2 school. In 2013, Rocky Point became a K-5 school once again and continues to serve in this capacity. The school currently serves 548 students in grades PreK through 5th.

Rocky Point Elementary is a Title 1 school, with more than 85% of the population supported by subsidized free and/or reduced meal plans. The largest demographic group at the school is Hispanic, at 47% of the total school population. Rocky Point Elementary scored well below proficiency targets in all tested areas for school year 2013-14, with overall reading below 20%, however was able to make academic gains in all areas on the 2014-15 NC End of Grade Assessments. Rocky Point, despite low proficiency results, exceeded expected growth (87%) in Science, Reading, and Math for school year 2014-15. However, with proficiency rates (calculated at 80% of school performance grade) and growth rates (calculated at 15% of school performance grade)the school earned a school performance score of 52, grade of ‘D”, on the North Carolina Grading of Schools report.