We, the staff of Penderlea Elementary School, are committed to achieving and maintaining a clear and shared focus on student learning, with high levels of communication and collaboration within our learning community. It is the responsibility of our school to provide best practices and quality differentiated instructional programs that ensure student success in all curriculum subject areas, including art, music, physical education, technological proficiency, and character development. We will provide a learning environment where people feel safe, supported, and respected. We believe that parents, grandparents, guardians, and people in the community are essential to building the overall educational foundation of each child. Together, we can prepare our children to become 21st Century learners and leaders.


It is the mission of Penderlea Elementary School to educate each student to provide the knowledge and attitudes necessary to progress in the 21st Century and the challenges of the future. We will empower students to become inquisitive, be actively involved in risk taking, try new challenges and view learning as a lifelong process. This task will be accomplished with the attitude that each student will enjoy learning, will seek greater knowledge through mastery of thinking skills and intellectual development, will have a high degree of self=esteem through success and participation in the entire educational program as tailored for the individual needs and requirement of each student.

School History

The quiet agricultural community of Penderlea was the first of five “farm cities” established under the United States Department of Interior’s Division of Subsistence Homesteads in 1934. The government designed such “resettlement” projects to provide jobs for thousands of out-of-work men during the Great Depression.

In August 1937, construction began at the center of Penderlea on a modern, single-story complex, which would combine the enrollment of several smaller schools. Six hundred students started the year in temporary spaces like the workers barracks and potato houses until the 26 classrooms were finished. Classrooms opened to the outside, connected by covered cement walkways. A community library separated the high school from the elementary are for grades 1 - 8. With more than 6,000 volumes, it was one of the largest rural school libraries in the state. The homesteaders took great pride in the school and library, which hosted many banquets and proms. The first graduation ceremony was held there in May 1938. The original school building continues to be utilized today with some cosmetic modifications. Students from the Penderlea community and the surrounding area attend. Penderlea School currently serves a student population of 600 students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. Approximately 6% of the student population are transfers from other school districts. Penderlea has the only year-round calendar in the district. Penderlea School is a Title 1 designated school.

Penderlea has a rich and interesting history.

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