PCS Staff Policy Presentations

Procedures for Principals:

1.  Show the videos below, called "Technology Presentation for Staff" and "Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying for Staff" (for best results, use full-screen)

2.  If there are questions, pause to answer them or address them at the end of the video.

3.  Point out to staff members the location of the Employee Handbook. (PCS Homepage > Departments > Human Resources)

4.  Upon completion of the video, pass around the employee signature sheet. You can print/download it hereIt has room for 17 signatures, so print enough for your entire staff. Please point out to them that their signatures verifies that they have watched the video and that they are aware of the location of the employee handbook.

5. Once all signatures have been collected store the sheets in the school's media center. Please send an email to Jeanette Miller confirming that your staff has completed the process and include the names of any staff members who have NOT signed.  Complete this on or before the 15th day of school.

6. Signature sheets MUST be stored in the school's media center, in a secure location and be accessible at a moment's notice.

Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying for Staff (4:15 run time)


Technology Presentation for Staff (8:33 run time)

Health and Safety Presentation for Staff (~25 min, including quiz time)

Procedures for Principals

1. Remember, a school nurse must be available during this presentation to answer questions.

2. Print enough copies of the school health and safety quiz so that each staff member has a copy to take and sign. The quiz can be print/downloaded here.

3.  Show the presentation below.

4.  Quiz is available after presentation. Staff should follow along and direct any questions to the school nurse.

5.  Each staff member should sign their copy of the test. These will be collected by a school nurse.

Direct Link to Bloodborne Training - https://goo.gl/cekZev
Direct Link to Diabetes Training - https://goo.gl/sFiiYL