PCS Acceptable Use Policy

All PCS employees/students are given access to the the Internet/Network for the first 15 days of school or the start of the new fiscal year (July 1). Before that time ends all employees/students must read or watch the summary presentation (or read the policies), and sign the TRU/AUP(Technology Responsible Use/Acceptable Use Policies)signature form and have it reported to the Central Office by the principal or designee.

At the end of the 15 day time limit, all employees/students not signing the TRU/AUP will have their access terminated.

By clicking on the link, employees/students may watch/access:

Staff Presentation

Student Presentation

Remember you have the right to read the BOE policies before signing the TRU/AUP, but the 15 day rule still applies.

Read the policies on theĀ PCS Policy Website.

Technology policies: 1610, 3102, 3120, 3200, 3210, 3220, 3225, 3226, 3227, 3410, 6401, 6524, 7335, 7730, 8220

Bullying policies: 1710, 1720

Copyright related policy: 3230