“The earth is crying for people who make sound judgment and informed decisions
Suday Adelaja
It is our goal to have every parent feel comfortable as part of the team that makes decisions about their child's education.
  • If you have questions, start by asking your child's teacher. 
  • If you need more information and it is a school issue, talk with the principal. 
  • If you need more information for an EC concern, speak with your school's EC Facilitator. 
Below are the names of the EC staff members serving your child.

Central Office:
Director:  Shannon O. White, Ph.D., NBCT 

Administrative Assistant:  Britteny McDaniel Bias  

Program Specialist: Summer Mills        

Preschool Program Specialist: Kate Ray      

Coordinatorn - Elementary: Julie Ather

Coordinator - Secondary:  Elizabeth Behr
Transition Coordinator:  Janice Aldret     

Behavior Coordinator:  Emily Bell

Curriculum Specialist - Elementary:  Missy Webb          

Curriculum Specialist - Secondary:   Jennifer Clifton      

Parent Liaison:   Karen Carr


Preschool:  Susan Harris:      

Burgaw Elementary:  Sheryl Cauley 

Burgaw Middle: Paige Voorhees                   

Cape Fear Elementary:  Julie Ather                
Cape Fear Middle:   Amy Johnson 

Heide Trask High:     Cheryl Jarman 

Malpass Corner Elementary:  Caroline Nicholaides  

North Topsail Elementary:   Allyson Ellsworth

Pender Early College:  Cheryl Jarman 

Pender High -  Grades 9 & 10:  Pige Voorhees                   
              Grades 11 & 12:  Cheryl Jarman 

Penderlea:   Paige Voorhees
Rocky Point Elementary: Sheryl McFadden    

South Topsail Elementary:  Kim Zondlo 
Topsail Elementary:  Julie Ather 

Topsail High:  Janice Aldret

Topsail Middle:  Cheryl Jarman 

West Pender Middle:  Paige Voorhees                   

Related Service Providers, by School:
       Call the school to contact the providers.

Burgaw Elementay
    Speech Pathologists        -Allison Eason                             Occupational Therapis    -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Burgaw Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Allison Eason
    Occupational Therapist    -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Cape Fear Elementary
    Speech Pathologist           -Lindsey McCormick
    Occupational Therapists  -TBD                                      
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith

Cape Fear Middle
    Speech Pathologist           -Lindsey McCormick
    Occupational Therapist    -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith

Heide Trask High
    Speech Pathologist          -Allison Eason
    Occupational Therapists  -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Malpass Corner Elementary
    Speech Pathologists        -Theresa Felton
                                                  -Lindsay Tarant 
    Occupational Therapists  -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Jill McMurray

North Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Giuoiana Ccofone
    Occupational Therapists  -Shelly Stein
                                                  -Kelly Linville/COTA
    School Psychologist         -Susan Atkinson

Pender Early College

Pender High
    Speech Pathologists        -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist   -TBD      
    School Psychologist        -Jill McMurray

    Speech Pathologist          -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist   -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist        -Jill McCarthy

Rocky Point Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Jennifer Bethell
    Occupational Therapists -TBD
    School Psychologist        -Paula Smith

South Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Chris Bonifacio
    Occupational Therapists -Shelly Stein
    School Psychologists      -Heather Holston

Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Susan Gislason
                                                 -Sharon Gainey (SLPA)
    Occupational Therapist   -Tami Furgurson
    School Psychologist        -Heather Holston

Topsail High
    Speech Pathologist          -Chris Bonifacio
    Occupational Therapist   -Shelly Stein
    School Psychologist         -Heather Holston                      
Topsail Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Susan Gislason
                                                  -Sharon Gainey (SLPA)  
    Occupational Therapists  -Shelly Stein
                                                  -Kelly Linville/COTA 
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith        

West Pender Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist    -
    School Psychologist         -Katherine Gallant
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Cape Fear Community College - Pre-K

Pender High School - Pre-K