It is our goal to have every parent feel comfortable as part of the team that makes decisions about their child's education.
  • If you have questions, start by asking your child's teacher. 
  • If you need more information and it is a school issue, talk with the principal. 
  • If you need more information for an EC concern, speak with your school's EC Facilitator. 
Below are the names of the EC staff members serving your child.

Central Office:
Director:  Shannon O. White, Ph.D., NBCT 

Administrative Assistant:  Robin Patrick   

Program Specialist: Summer Mills        

Preschool Program Specialist: Kate Ray      

Coordinator - Elementary: Julie Ather

Coordinator - Secondary:  Elizabeth Behr
Transition Coordinator:  Janice Aldret     

Behavior Coordinator:  Emily Bell

Curriculum Specialist - Elementary:         

Curriculum Specialist - Secondary: Jennifer Clifton      

Parent Liaison:   Brittney McDaniel-Bias


Preschool:  Susan Harris:      

Burgaw Elementary:  TBD

Burgaw Middle:       Amberli Gough             

Cape Fear Elementary:                
Cape Fear Middle:   Amy Johnson 

Heide Trask High:      

Malpass Corner Elementary:  Caroline Nicholaides  

North Topsail Elementary:   Allyson Ellsworth

Pender Early College:  

Pender High -  Grades 9 & 10:                    
              Grades 11 & 12:  Cheryl Jarman 


Rocky Point Elementary: Sheryl McFadden    

South Topsail Elementary:  Kim Zondlo 

Surf City Elementary 

Topsail Elementary:  Kelly Sheehan

Topsail High:  

Topsail Middle:  Kimberly Irons

West Pender Middle:                     

We are here for you

EC Office Contact Information: 
PHONE: (910)259-2187
FAX: (910)259-0133

Related Service Providers, by School:
       Call the school to contact the providers.

Burgaw Elementary
    Speech Pathologists        -Allison Eason                                                             Occupational Therapist       -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Burgaw Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Allison Eason
    Occupational Therapist    -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Cape Fear Elementary
    Speech Pathologist           -Lindsey McCormick
    Occupational Therapists   -TBD                                      
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith

Cape Fear Middle
    Speech Pathologist           -Lindsey McCormick
    Occupational Therapist    -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith

Heide Trask High
    Speech Pathologist          -Allison Eason
    Occupational Therapists  -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Kat Gallant

Malpass Corner Elementary
    Speech Pathologists        -Theresa Felton
                                             -Lindsay Tarrant 
    Occupational Therapists  -TBD
    School Psychologist         -Jill McMurray

North Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Giuliana Cofone
    Occupational Therapists  -Shelly Stein
                                                  -Kelly Linville/COTA
    School Psychologist         -Susan Atkinson

Pender Early College

Pender High
    Speech Pathologists       -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist   -TBD      
    School Psychologist        -Jill McMurray

    Speech Pathologist         -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist   -Amanda Fortier
    School Psychologist        -Jill McCarthy

Rocky Point Elementary
    Speech Pathologist         -Jennifer Bethell
    Occupational Therapists -TBD
    School Psychologist        -Paula Smith

South Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist         -Chris Bonifacio
    Occupational Therapists -Shelly Stein
    School Psychologists      -Heather Holston

Surf City Elementary

Topsail Elementary
    Speech Pathologist          -Susan Gislason
                                                 -Sharon Gainey (SLPA)
    Occupational Therapist   -Tami Furgurson
    School Psychologist        -Heather Holston

Topsail High
    Speech Pathologist          -Chris Bonifacio
    Occupational Therapist    -Shelly Stein
    School Psychologist         -Heather Holston                      
Topsail Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Susan Gislason
                                                  -Sharon Gainey (SLPA)  
    Occupational Therapists  -Shelly Stein
                                                  -Kelly Linville/COTA 
    School Psychologist         -Paula Smith        

West Pender Middle
    Speech Pathologist          -Alisa Fussell
    Occupational Therapist    -
    School Psychologist         -Katherine Gallant
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Cape Fear Community College - Pre-K

Pender High School - Pre-K