School Resource Officers
School Resource Officers are sworn law enforcement officers with the legal authority to arrest. The Pender County Sheriff's Department has SROs assigned to every school in Pender County. Each SRO has to be proficient in law enforcement, child and developmental psychology, public speaking, juvenile justice (which is considerably more complicated than dealing with adults), investigations, rapid deployment techniques, emergency medical response, crime prevention, and community relations.

SRO duties include:
  • Enforce state and local laws and ordinances and assist school officials with enforcement of applicable Board of Education policies
  • Investigate criminal activity committed on school property, bus stops, or involving students assigned to the officer's school
  • Answer questions from students and parents about juvenile law and North Carolina law
  • Provide security for special events as necessary
  • Monitoring school campuses for safety concerns and advise school administration as necessary
  • Establish a positive relationship with students and law enforcement through support, positive interactions, counseling, and classroom presentations, including the G.R.E.A.T. Program