School Nurses
School Nurses are often the only healthcare professional on site in the school. Their decisions and practices must be grounded in professionally recognized standards, school health laws, and state legislation. The ten school nurses employed in Pender County must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and maintain National Certification as a school nurse. School nurses must complete a minimum of 75 hours of continuing education every five years in order to maintain their certification.

Daily duties and responsibilities for school nurses include:
  • Perform physical assessments and make nursing diagnoses based on variations from the norm and professional judgement
  • Review records of all students with special healthcare needs to determine eligibility of services so proper accommodations can be made
  • Create health and emergency plans for students with both chronic and acute medical conditions, including education and training of school staff and the recognition and management of urgent emergency situations
  • Work closely with local and state public health officials in order to monitor the overall health of the school population and protect against disease outbreaks
  • Make direct assessments of student health complaints and injuries, lead health screening programs, and coordinate medication administration