Emergency Drills
Pender County Schools works with local law enforcement, emergency services and community agencies to conduct regular drills and exercises to ensure our students and staff know what to do in case of emergency.

Staff and students receive annual training and practice through professional development and drills in order to help ensure a safe school setting. Emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and the health department actively participate and assist in this training. 

Listed below are several training opportunities the district utilizes on a regular basis:
  • Emergency Response Plan - A series of codes and procedures are in place in order to address emergency issues such as blood and bodily fluid spills, serious injury, fire, weather emergencies, and threats to student safety. Copies of this plan are kept in every classroom throughout the district.
  • Drills - Every school conducts an annual tornado drill, monthly fire drills, regular lockdown and bus evacuation drills in order to remain prepared for emergency situations.
  • The schools partner with the sheriff's department and other local law enforcement agencies in safety trainings, including those for potential extremely dangerous situations. Canine units are utilized to protect student safety as well.
  • Each school in the district has video surveillance.
  • School buses have video capability and will soon be equipped with GPS devices so parents will know when to expect the bus at drop-off and pick-up.
  • All middle and high schools have Emergency Action Plans for all athletic events.
  • Every high school has an automatic external defibrillator on campus, with staff trained in its use. In addition, all varsity head coaches are CPR trained.
  • There are four Epi-Pens in each school in order to respond to instances of anaphylactic shock.
  • Three schools in the district are emergency shelters for community use during times of severe weather or as deemed necessary by emergency management.