Digital Safety
The rapid development and implementation of internet and computer technology has been a great benefit to the students and faculty in Pender County Schools. Students can access information from around the world, while completing assignments developed at school. The district works constantly to help keep its internet network a safe place for students and staff. 

In order to help maintain this safety, the district has taken the following measures:
  • All staff and students are trained annually on the district Acceptable Use Policy for technology.
  • The district maintains control of the installation of all software programs on all district-owned devices.
  • The Zscaler web filter is used to protect users from malware, viruses, advanced and persistent threats, and questionable or inappropriate websites. Access to Chromebook apps and YouTube are also filtered.
  • Staff members are provided training on ethical technology use through Digital Learning Competency Training.
  • All electronic communication in the district is archived; teacher communication is kept for five years and student information for one year.
  • Student and staff behavior when using district-owned technological resources are governed by Board of Education policies.
  • Parents have the ability to opt-out of allowing their child to access the internet at school.