Health education is one of the components of a Comprehensive School Health Program, which is key to improving the health and well-being of our students.  

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If you have any questions about this information, contact the school nurse, your healthcare provider or the Pender County Health Department.

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Kim Collins, Lead Nurse, 
Pender Early College High School
Phone:  362-7927

Anita Kandabarow
Topsail Middle School
Phone:  270-2612

Holland Martin, 
North Topsail Elementary School
Phone:  270-0694

Vicki Borkowski, 
South Topsail Elementary and 
Topsail Elementary schools
Phone: STES  270-2756   TES 270-1977

Shelley Harrison, 
Burgaw Elementary and
Burgaw Middle schools
Phone: BES  259-0145   BMS  259-0149

Elizabeth Cockrell, 
Cape Fear Elementary and
Cape Fear Middle schools
Phone: CFES  602-3767   CFMS  602-3334

Jackie Parker, 
Heide Trask High and
Rocky Point Elementary schools
Phone: HTHS  602-6810   RPES  675-2309

Megan Fussell, 
Malpass Corner Elementary and
Penderlea schools
Phone: MCES  283-5889   PLE 285-2761

Teresa Dawson, 
Pender High and
West Pender Middle schools
Phone: PHS  259-0162   WPMS 283-5626

Wanda Buckner, 
Topsail High School
Phone: 270-2755