Procedures to connect a Student Device for BYOT:

1. Review Board Policy 3221 here.
2. Download the PCS BYOT Approval Form here.

3. Student and Parent/Guardian must review the Full Board Policy and both will need to sign the Approval Form. Submit to the Media Center when complete.

4. A PCS Staff Member at the school will need to submit the form below (If you do not see the form make sure you are logged into your PCS Google Apps account).

5. Please review the guide located here that shows how to connect to the PCSnet wireless network. A copy of this guide can be found in the Media Center as well.

  • Please remember that the PCS Technology Services Dept is not responsible for connecting nor troubleshooting student personal devices. If an issue is found with the wireless network itself please submit a Technology Work Order (link).
  • Form submissions may take up to 48 hours to be added to our system.