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Pender County Schools AIG Identification

When:  Students are universally screened during the third grade year and identification takes place at the beginning of their 4th grade year and remain identified as gifted until they graduate from high school or leave Pender County Schools.  Criteria and additional testing can be reviewed any year after 4th grade for identification into the program.  

Transfer Students:  Gifted identification automatically transfers from any public school in a county/LEA within NC (evidence of identification must be presented at time of enrollment to the school’s AIG Coach).  If a student has been identified as gifted outside of North Carolina, data must be reviewed and further testing may be needed in order to meet our requirements.  

Military Transfers:  Students from military families have a separate transfer policy. Present any evidence of gifted identification to your school's AIG Coach for details.

How:​ Any 4th grade through 12th grade student may be nominated by a parent, staff member or themselves.  The Recommendation Window is during the 1st semester of each school year.  If additional testing is needed, the AIG Coach will conduct it during our review window at the beginning of 2nd semester/3rd nine weeks. Students that are highly gifted (needing acceleration all day every day) in grades K-3 will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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