Malpass Corner provides a total QUALITY education for every student.


We believe...

  • Fairness and respect are valued
  • Each child is important
  • Learning should be fun - Everyone learns from experiences
  • Everyone learns from experience

School History

Malpass Corner is a rural school located in the north east corner of Pender County. The majority of students that attend our school come from working class families. This geographic area of Pender County contains thousands of acres of farmland and swamp land. For several seasons a popular television show named "Swamp Loggers" was filmed in our area and depicted the difficulties in the logging business. Our particular area's claim to fame are film industries use of old farms for such shows as Sleepy Hollow and Under The Dome. The majority of our parents do not work in the film industry however, most work in local factories or other typical blue collar jobs. The poverty rate is high, with 85% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. There is a steady population of students, with minimal increase over the past three years in total populations. We do have several migrant families that join us in Mid to late May, after they have completed their school year in more southern states. For these migrant students, we sometimes have to administer End of Grade testing to them even though we have not had opportunity to instruct them. Testing data can fluctuate and the fidelity and decision making based on this data should be taken into consideration, due to the fact that these migrant students rarely are still in attendance for the following school year.

Malpass Corner Elementary school has a K - 5 population of 450 students, with an additional 36 Pre K students who are housed in our school as well and will attend Kindergarten at Malpass Corner Elementary School. Approximately 47% of our students are black and about 44% of our students are white. Our Hispanic population makes up the rest of the student body. The MCES staff is composed of about 50 professionals total. We have a wide range of experience on staff with about 50% with 4 or less years' experience, 30% between 4 and 16 years' experience and the remaining 20% with 16 years+ of experience.