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How to log in to your school email account:
Under the "Students" tab click "Student email login"
Your email address is:
the first 2 letters of your first name, the first 3 letters of your last name, the last 4 digits of your student number followed by @students.pendercountyschools.net

So, if your name is Jenny Smith and your student number is 8675309, then your email address is

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2015 Battle of the Books Team!

2014 Battle of the Books Team!

NY Times best-selling author, Alan Gratz, will be visiting us on May 1 and May 2!!! Come check out his books in the media center today!

Learn more about him at www.alangratz.com.

Battle of the Books Team

Lauren Moorlag
Brendan Lyons
Abby Coursey
Nicky Coursey
Ivone Alexander
Summer Guderian
Lexi Denning
Gabe Thumm
Katie Salene
Carolina Lotten
Alex Schwery
Himani Dhillon

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3D Printing

This site has "ready to print" files:

This site can be used to create your own files from scratch:

If you'd like to print, choose a file then email the link to mary_tobin@pender.k12.nc.us
In the email, make a connection with your print and something you're learning in school. Make it good and you can print (and keep) your idea!
Here is an example of a well written request:

Hi Mrs. Tobin!
This is the object I would like to be 3D printed.  It is three small lizards that can be placed together.  The way this has a connection to something I'm learning in school is through science.  In science class (Mrs. Crate's) we have been learning about river basins.  I did a report on The New River Basin and one of the parts of it involved learning about animal species that live in it.  Many of the animals that live in The New River Basin are variations of lizards- which I learned about and included in my project.  This is the educational connection to the object.

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You can access our e-book collection from Destiny by clicking the picture above. Log-in to Destiny and then click on Follettshelf on the left side of  the screen. 
"Read! Read! Read!" is the hidden message. :)

You can also access your shelf by downloading the Brytewave app. 

Username is your student number
Password is your last name

Our FollettShelf URL is wbb15935.follettshelf.com.