Heide Trask High School will EMPOWER students to be RESPONSIBLE, MATURE individuals who exhibit the DIGNITY and positive ATTITUDE needed to be successful in an ever-changing society.


Heide Trask High School provides a student-centered and data-driven learning environment where educators prepare students to compete globally in the 21st century.

School History

Heide Trask High School opened in 2002 and is located in southeastern North Carolina in Rocky Point (Pender County). The school was built in order to reduce crowding at Pender High School. Heide Trask currently enrolls 705 students in grades nine through twelve. Over 60% of our students are being served by the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Our demographic breakdown includes: 53% White, 24% African American, 18% Hispanic, and 5% multi-racial. We currently have 12 students who are listed as "migrant," which impacts the continuity of their attendance and ability to graduate with their four-year cohort. Of our 51 certified staff members (teachers and counselors), 13 are within their first three years in the profession, which is almost a quarter of our staff. We have eight faculty members who are Nationally Board Certified.