Migrant Overview

The Migrant Education Program (MEP) offers additional support to migrant youth and their families. 

Pender County currently has approximately 115 migrant youth ages 3-21, most of whom are also learning English as their second language. Eligible youth must have moved into the county within the last 36 months and have parents or guardians doing seasonal or temporary work in agricultural production or fisheries. Students who have moved during the school year and who are most at risk for not meeting state standards are given priority for services. 

Migrant students who are also LEP must receive services above and beyond ESL services that ​other ​ LEP students receive. If migrant students have exited LEP status, they still need services to ―fill in the gaps in their education. 

Sheryl Kimbro is the Director of Pender County Schools Migrant and ESL Programs.

Pender County Schools identifies and serves migrant families through Abner Samuel Rivera Cruz who works as the Migrant Recruiter. He develops and maintains a network in the agricultural community and canvasses neighborhoods and camps periodically looking for new contacts. 

Migrant Program Specialist, Laura Gutierrez, works in the district office maintaining accurate records of all migrant students. All migrant educators collaborate with Pender County School personnel to promote optimal academic progress and achievement of migrant students who live in Pender County.