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What does it stand for? ... Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
What is the purpose? ... PBIS is a decision making process that implements the best evidence based academic and behavioral practices to improve the overall quality of student education.
How is PBIS used at Cape Fear Middle School? ... Grizzly Bucks are given to students who demonstrate behaviors such as helping others, positive behavior in class, class participation.
Positive referrals are given to students when they "go above and beyond" in one of their classes.  A high test grade, a class helper, making the honor role, a student volunteering to help others are examples of positive referrals.
At the end of each nine weeks, a PBIS celebration is held to award students for their good decisions.  A student who has received no disciplinary actions (lunch detention, Bounce from class, office or bus referral) may attend the celebration.  PBIS celebrations usually consist of a dance at the end of the day or extra time outside to relax and socialize (weather permitting).
For more information about PBIS, please visit the following link: