Cape Fear Middle School will be safe, inviting, inclusive, flexible, and supportive to all students, teachers, and families, and each stakeholder will be treated as both an individual and a member of a community of learners.

Teachers, staff, and administrators will implement high-quality instructional programs grounded in the state curriculum and CCSS to foster the knowledge, skills, habits, and values necessary for success as students and citizens. We will work collaboratively to design rigorous, engaging instructional tasks that lead to academic and social-emotional growth for students.

Each teacher, student, and administrator will set ambitious and meaningful goals, and teachers and administrators will provide timely interventions and opportunities for enrichment to allow each stakeholder to be empowered, supported, and challenged.

We will utilize our core beliefs, collaborative expertise, and all available tools to confidently meet challenges, and CFMS will become a high-performing community of learners.


Cape Fear Middle School is a place where we make everyone feel safe and comfortable in order to achieve excellence.

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