We, the staff of Cape Fear Elementary School will create a safe and structured environment where students and staff, along with parents and guardians, come together as a community of lifelong learners. Our school will foster individual differences, encourage each other, and set challenging goals. We will strive to think critically and creatively to encourage good decision making strategies to promote a sense of teamwork andcooperation. By learning how to utilize the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently meet challenges, our students will be empowered to reach their potential, as well as, become respectful and responsible citizens for the future.


It is the mission of Cape Fear Elementary School to promote academic excellence and provide the opportunity for early adolescents to attain their individual, social, emotional and physical potential. Quality education will be provided for all students through teamwork and cooperation resulting in their development into mature productive citizens.

School History

Cape Fear Elementary first opened in 2001, serving students in grades 3-5. At the start of the 2013-14 school year, the school transitioned into a traditional K-5 elementary school. Cape Fear Elementary serves a student population totaling 478. Due to the socioeconomic status of the majority of its families, the school receives additional financial funding through Title I. Cape Fear Elementary has reason to celebrate. During the 2014-15 school year, Cape Fear Elementary had the highest growth of all K-12 schools in the southeast region of North Carolina.