We, the staff of Burgaw Middle School, strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment where all students are supported and challenged in academics, behavior, and social development.


It is the mission of Burgaw Middle School to be a united community supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to become proficient, life-long learners and successful future leaders.

School History:

Students have met or exceeded the EVAAS growth standard during the past three years and have exceeded the growth standard for the three-year average.

Proficiency in reading and math has seen both increases and decreases during the past 3-4 years. Grades 7 and 8 met or exceeded the growth standard for 2014-15 and all three grade levels met the growth standard for the three-year average.  

Based on North Carolina End of Grade assessment data, our black subgroup increased in overall proficiency in reading, math, and science.  Our black subgroup showed an increase in overall reading performance.  In math, six subgroups showed increases in overall performance. 

Over the past two years BMS has had a large number of out of school suspensions and in school suspensions.

In this current year, we have already seen a decrease in instructional time lost to behavior issues. Decreasing the class time lost due to behavior is an on-going focus for BMS.