We, the staff of Burgaw Elementary School will be known beyond state and national borders for its high quality education focusing on academics.


It is the mission of Burgaw Elementary School to effectively educate, grow, and make a positive difference in the lives of the students.

School History

Burgaw Elementary School is a PK - 5th grade Title I school which operates on a traditional calendar. Our current enrollment is 515 students. Approximately 40% of our students are White, 40% are Black, 18% are Hispanic, and 2% are Multi-Racial. Burgaw Elementary School earned a Performance Grade of C for the 2014 - 2015 school year. Forty-eight percent of our students tested were proficient in math, 48% of our students tested were proficient in ELA and 61% of our fifth graders were proficient in Science. Burgaw Elementary School met 19 of 29 AMO targets. Our school had a 9.8% teacher turnover rate. Burgaw Elementary School has a rich history. It was the former C. F. Pope High School.