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Online Note Taking Tools

In a blended approach to literacy & technology, there are tools which make the meshing of these two ideas more fluid. Below is a list of online notetaking tools that are available and accessible for both teachers and students. You willa find a brief description of the tool & its use in and out of the classroom below. Please take the time to read through each one thoroughly, since some are more complex than others, and this is explained. We believe notetaking is a skill that can be accomplised through a variety of methods, and it is in the spirit of choice that numerous options are presented below. These listed tools are meant to help students & teachers with the transition between school & home, and with collaboration that needs to sometimes happen outside the classroom. With any of these services, it makes sense to clear out unwanted/unneeded notes regularly since your free space is limited on some. With the collaborative features, it perhaps makes sense to have the teacher originate the collaboration and then invite the students, making moderation simpler. Either way, it's imperative that the teacher be a part of each and all student collaboration. Click on any of the logos below to explore further. 
As stated on their site, Evernote is a "notable world" where you can "save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use." This piece is the key - everything is in one place. You can type a text note, clip a webpage, take a photo, grab screenshots, and even leave voice memos. Everything you capture is then processed, indexed, and made searchable. You can add tags (searchable words) and organize things into different notebooks, then search by keywords, titles, or tags. Even printed & handwritten text is searchable.Now, you ask, how can this tool help GHS students? Students who are working on a computer from another location other than school can clip websites, take screen shots or capture a section of a website, drop these in Evernote & access them here from school. They could record interviews or even their own thoughts that can then be accessed from school. They could store information on this site to build their paper or project. The possibilities are endless.Of the available online note taking tools offered, this looks like the most versatile, but also, perhaps because of all the options available, the most complex. If you want to jump in head first, we're happy to help this. If you want one that slightly less complex, you may want to continue to read on.

touts itself as allowing "you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files. Springnote is also a great tool for group projects as it allows group members to easily collaborate. Advanced search, numerous templates, and 2GB of FREE File Storage are only few examples of how Springnote can help you. Of course, you already know that Springnote is an Internet service, meaning you can access it from anywhere anytime." Again, here is a tool that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The other nice feature of this tool is its collaborative feature for you and your students. If you assign a group project, and students complain about not being able to access each others' information, then this might be their solution - meet online at home. Students need to always add the teacher as a collaborator. We all know many of our students have cell phones and live by them, and Springnote gives the option to "use your iPhone to create and read Springnote pages, insert mobile photos to Springnote while on the go."

allows you to make and keep notes online so there are no more enless piles of paper - great for a student or a teacher. It allows you to keep short text notes of any kind, catalogue your notes in folders for quick and easy access, and since this is Internet based, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. webAsyst also allows you to share your notes with others, allowing you to grant each user specific access rights. And, if you need to print notes, you can use one of their templates for easy formatting. The interface is simplistic but functional for ease of use. This tool would be great for someone who might be leerly of using an online notetaker, since the interface is so simple. It also allows the creator to grant access individually. Again, any students who collaborate need to know they must add the teacher as a collaborator, as well.

You can paste a text to
JustPasteit and you can get a link to share it with others. You can also upload pictures, save your document as a PDF file.
Primary Wall is a sticky note site designed for teachers and students to post notes in real time. Filtering of notes can be done for a fee-based subscription. Primary Wall is useful for getting ideas, collaborating, sharing and quickly posting pieces of information when working in a group or collaborative environment. It was thought up by a teacher, and is meant to be simple, fast, and user-friendly!

Corkboard.Me - Create a bulletin board full of sticky notes and share with others via a unique URL.  Enjoy  unlimited space and freedom to place notes exactly where you want them. Create a board instantly without logging in or providing any personal information. Use your corkboard's unique address to easily share it with coworkers, friends and family. Add images to your corkboard simply by pasting a link, and add notes with a single click. Access your corkboard from any web enabled device, with support for mobile devices coming soon.

Edistorm - A very user-friendly site to create collaborative sticky notes for brainstorming. Add, discuss and organize ideas from multiple locations before, during and after (or instead of) your meetingsAdding ideas is as easy as writing on a sticky note. Type your idea in the sticky note and post it on the storm.You can edit the text or change the color of the sticky note, and move it wherever you want. Administrators can moderate a storm by deleting any ideas that don't belong. In addition to sticky notes, you can easily upload photos or link to videos from popular video sites.

willyou.typewith.me is a great tool for online collaboration on a document. You can invite others to join, and each author gets a different color, so it's easy to see who's editing what. As well, it's easy to import & export the document, saving it along the way so you can view various revisions. Once you're done, you can easily share you document as well!

This is a great tool to create a digital bulletin board. There is no download, it makes for easy online collaboration, there is a colorful & fun display, and there are privacy settings available. It works from an iPad or iPhone, as well!

Organize your thoughts. Collaborate with others... With Popplet, you can gather ideas, collect inspiration in one place, and record & explore your thoughts & ideas. 

TitanPad allows limitless users to join a singular 'pad' and collaborate on notes. It's a great tool when doing group research. Each user gets their own color, and you can save and export the notes to your personal computer.