Welcome to Second Grade!
We have been studying matter. We learned about three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We are conducting experiments using the scientific method. We are writing a book with our lab reports. Click here to see how our book is coming along. It is almost finished!

Ms. Ryan is teaching us about Book Creator. That is what we are using to create our lab report book. We are also writing a book of games and how to play them. We will put it here soon! Here it is!

Last term, we created Extreme Weather posters. They have been on display in the hallway. Mrs. Kelly just took them down to send them home with us, but, before she did, she created a book out of all of them. Here it is.

Starting to grow! Click on the image to see it right-side up.

 Check out how we did it below.
 We are working on "how-to" writing. We did a small project, and now we are writing it up together. Here it is:

    We are finishing up our addition chapter in math. We know how to add three-digit numbers. We stack the numbers on top of each other like this:

We are working on problem solving (also called word problems or story problems). We are learning to be problem solving detectives. We know that the unit is what we're looking for in a problem (like muffins or students or apples). Here's our chart.

Problem Solving Detective Steps

1.               Read the whole thing.

2.               Write the answer (with the unit and a blank).

3.               Find the math and decide what to do.

4.               Calculate.

5.  Fill in the answer.

    We have been working on vocabulary words. We have new cards each week. We end by playing a fun game with the cards all up on the board. 
    We have been using our big Wonders textbooks to partner read stories that we have read. We like the books. Some of the stories are silly. Some are informational.
    We have been writing poetry. We made squirrel posters with fall poems inside an acorn. We made kites with wish poems. We put them in our poetry anthologies. A poetry anthology is a collection of poems.
    We made a background of the sea for our turtle tank. Bink and Gollie seem to like it!

    We walked to the fire station. We went to learn about what to do when there is a fire somewhere. We learned about stop, drop, cover your face, and roll. We learned that fire trucks have gear and air tanks. Our fire truck has gear for five fire fighters in it. Captain Dan told us Look, Learn, and Listen. Look means look for places where fires can be prevented. Look for smoke detectors. Listen was about paying attention to smoke detectors. We also learned what a fire fighter sounds like. Learn was about learning our safe place and our address. Captain Dan said we need to learn our street address and phone number in case we need to call 911. We want to thank Captain Dan, Firefighter Domenica, and Chief Coursey for having us.
(Click on the picture to see it right-side-up.)


    We're learning about apples. We went to the Surowiec Farm apple orchard. We picked apples, walked around the farm, and saw horses! We're making apple lapbooks.
    We're working on math facts, and everybody is moving up in levels. The levels are A to Z. When you pass the math facts you go on to the next letter.
    We are making our way to our reading goals. We are reading books and taking quizzes. We are working to finish one book before starting a new one.
    We have been counting big numbers up to 1,000! We can write numbers in standard form, word form or expanded form. Standard form means the normal number. Word form means you write the number in words. Expanded form is new and tricky for us. We write the place value for each digit using addition. 
        standard form: 868
        word form: eight hundred sixty-eight
        expanded form: 800 + 60 + 8

We have also been reviewing fact families and number bonds.
    fact family example:
        3 + 5 = 8
        5 + 3 = 8
        8 - 3 = 5
        8 - 5 = 3    

    number bond example:
We have been using our blocks to compare three-digit numbers. We know that we start with the biggest place, the hundreds place. If the hundreds match, we compare the tens. If the tens are the same, we compare the ones. This way we can decide which number is greater and which is less than the other. We learned symbols to stand for greater than and less than. We imagine a crocodile that always wants to eat the greater number. Here are examples:
    348 < 900    809 > 300    909 = 909

    We have been reading. We have been choosing just-right books in our classroom library. We took the STAR test and are ready to work on our reading goals. 

We have had a lot of read-alouds. We just finished listening to Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst. It was a funny book about a brontosaurus that was telling Lulu to be his little pet. The illustrations were funny, because the tiger, the snake, and the bear looked like they were made out of pieces of paper. We recommend this book.
We are reading lots of books by Cynthia Rylant so we can study her work. Some of her books are: The Bookshop Dog, When I Was Young in the Mountains, Poppleton, Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book, Henry and Mudge the First Book, High-rise Private Eyes and the Case of the Missing Monkey. We have learned that Cynthia Rylant likes pets and has some of her own. She likes books a lot. We read Gooseberry Park and Gooseberry Park and the Master Plan. 

    Last year, in first grade, we had our bear, Mocha. This year, the first grade has Sugar Bear. We have been learning and practicing a song called "Bears." We decided to share our song with the first grade. We made sugar cookies to share as well.