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  • 2017 Franconia Notch Packing List

    White Mountain Adventure Trip

    What To Bring


    Shorts are the most practical and least tiring items of clothing to hike in. They give less restriction to movement while climbing and they conserve physical energy.

    Perspiration is a factor in hiking considering the weight of a pack, therefore thought should be given to layering for the upper body. T-shirts and sweatshirts are satisfactory upper wear, but the T-shirt will usually be soaked and should be changed upon reaching the privacy of the huts.

    While at the huts and during the evening, sweatpants or long pants are necessary due to the usual cold wind (jeans are not recommended due to their weight and poor drying characteristics).

    A jacket or windbreaker will be needed at the top of the mountain and occasionally during the hike.


    [ ] Day pack or backpack for transporting materials and clothing

    [ ] rugged walking/hiking shoes or work boots (gym shoes will work if in good shape)

    [ ] bottle of water for hiking (very important)

    [ ] compact sleeping bag OR sheet

    [ ] pillowcase and single sheet for use at the huts

    [ ] hat & mittens (it will get cold when you are outside in the evening!)

    [ ] 1 sweater or thick sweatshirt

    [ ] jacket or windbreaker

    [ ] rain gear

    [ ] something warm to wear for sleeping (we suggest sweats, dry socks, long sleeved T-shirt)

    [ ] overnight personal toiletries/essentials (towel, facecloth, toothpaste, etc.)

    [ ] flashlight with fresh batteries

    [ ] 2-3 pairs of socks (thick sport socks are recommended)

    [ ] large (freezer size) zip-lock bag for storing journal.

    [ ] pencils/pens and journal materials

    [ ] lunch and snacks for the first day (the school can provide a bagged lunch, if you wish, but remember to carry out what you carry in!)


    [ ] bandana or sweatband

    [ ] sunglasses



    Students should arrive with the bag they intend to hike with (all packed) and the hiking shoes that they plan to wear, so we may look at them.  A general rule of thumb for hiking and comfort: Your child’s loaded pack should not exceed ¼ of their body weight.

    REMEMBER: You are responsible for carrying all of your equipment and carrying-out anything you bring in (this includes food wrappers, Gatorade containers, etc.)



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  • 2017 Franconia Notch Trip Information

    August 28, 2017

    Dear Grade 8 Parent(s)/Guardians,

    We are excited about this coming school year’s White Mountain Adventure Unit in which your child will be participating. Our trip consists of a two-day (one night) stay, scheduled to take place September 7th and 8th. This year, each student will be staying one night at the Lonesome Lake AMC Hut, Greenleaf AMC Hut, Mizpah Spring AMC Hut, or the Galehead AMC Hut.  A very important PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT will be held on Wednesday, August 30th(Open House for eighth grade), at 6:30pm in the eighth grade wing at Plymouth Elementary School.

    All eighth grade students will participate in this cooperative venture which will introduce skills in observation, including recording of events and personal experiences. There are several components to this unit. These include: local and state history, geology, botany, wildlife, environmental issues, and data collection. Each student will keep a White Mountain Adventure log and create a multimedia presentation from the information gathered before and during the trip.

    One of the special highlights of the trip will be the opportunity to spend one night in one of the world famous AMC Mountain Huts: one on the shoulder of Mt. Lafayette- Greenleaf ; one across the valley on the shore of the alpine tarn- Lonesome Lake; one overlooking the Pemigewasset Wilderness- Galehead Hut; and one nestled in a col between two 4,000 foot peaks at the foot of the Presidentials- Mizpah Spring Hut. The AMC Hut staff provides a full evening meal and breakfast for the group. The huts are equipped with bunk rooms and bathrooms. Male and female teachers from Plymouth Elementary School will supervise each bunk room.

    Even though the group staying at the huts will be separated by gender in separate bunk rooms, there will probably be family groups also staying at the huts. Therefore, thought should be given to appropriate night sleepwear. The areas surrounding the huts are large and spacious and considered very safe.

    We will have a DRY RUN on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 5th. Your child must bring in all equipment for the trip and it will remain at the school until we depart on Thursday, September 7th.

    We look forward to seeing you at the PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT. Until then, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 536-1152.


    Team 8 and Staff



    We will hike the Old Bridle Path from Lafayette Place Campground to the Greenleaf Hut. The distance is 2.9 miles and will take us from two to three hours to ascent. The trail starts gradually and climbs at a moderate grade. At 1.9 miles, the trail gains to high ridge and levels out for a good distance. After a snack break and spectacular views, we will continue both climbing and walking across flat sections and up steeper sections until we reach the hut at 4,200 feet. We then continue to the summit of Lafayette at 5,260 feet. The hut sleeps 48 in two separate bunkrooms. Blankets and pillows are provided, but not sheets and pillowcases. Therefore, we suggest each student bring one sheet and a pillowcase to avoid the scratchy wool of AMC blankets. The meals are prepared by the Hut Crew and are scrumptious and plentiful. The students are encouraged to bring snacks, but must remember that they must carry all wrappers and other trash back down the mountain with them. Flashlights are mandatory and essential. The two bathrooms are just off the bunkroom. They have a sink and toilets, but no showers or lights!


    The Lonesome Lake Hut is situated on a small lake located on top of the ridge that parallels I-93. We follow the Pemi Trail from the campground to the Basin. From the Basin, we follow the Cascade Brook Trail to Lonesome Lake. The 4-mile ascent is fairly easy. The entire distance is wooded and sheltered by the forest. The hut is set back about 300 feet from the shore of Lonesome Lake. The main lodge has full cooking facilities, running water and light. The two bunkhouses are situated about 50 feet from the main lodge and are not lighted therefore flashlights are necessary. See “sheets and pillowcase” in “Destination Greenleaf.”


    Galehead Hut is located just under 4,000 feet and over five miles from the nearest trailhead. It was in desperate need of a make-over so in June of 2000, the hut reopened with blending the best of the hut tradition and modern innovation. The new structure is designed to withstand winds of 125mph. This hike will follow the Gale River Trail for 4 miles until reaching the Garfield Ridge Trail, also known as the Appalachian Trail. From the junction of the Garfield Ridge Trail it is a little over a half a mile to the hut. Options, depending on the group, may continue onto the summit of South Twin Mountain (4,902 ft.). This is a fairly steep scramble with an open summit and a 360-degree view from the top that offers a superb view of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. As with the other huts, you will need a flashlight and a sheet and pillowcase as described in “Destination Greenleaf.”


    Nestled in a col between two 4,000-foot peaks, Mizpah Spring Hut is just a short distance from the fabled Crawford Path.  Visit this lovely spot in the boreal forest, and explore the southern peaks of the Presidential Range.  A 2.6 mile hike from the trailhead, Mizpah Spring Hut welcomes all.  As with the other huts, you will need a flashlight and a sheet and pillowcase as described in “Destination Greenleaf.”

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  • Eighth Grade Final Exam Schedule
    Below is the schedule for final exams:

    Thursday, June 8th:
    10:00-11:30  English
    1:00-2:30  Science

    Friday, June 9th:
    8:30-10:00  Reading
    1:00-2:30  Math
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  • Baby Pictures Needed!

    February 15, 2017

    Baby Pictures Needed!

    Purchase an Ad in the Yearbook!

    Dear Eighth Grade Parents/Guardians,

    The middle school years are a unique time in a child’s life.  Children experience strong loyalties to their friends, teammates, classmates, and school.  With the 2016-1017 school year moving at a quick pace, it is time to request those adorable baby pictures for all of our current eighth grade students so we can showcase our graduates in the PES yearbook.  Students can bring a hard copy to their teacher or pictures can be emailed to ptanner@pemibaker.org

    The yearbook helps your child remember all the special people and happenings from this school year.  You can show your support for your child by also considering purchasing(donations will be accepted for ads) a personal ad in the 2016-2017 PES yearbook.  The addition of a special photo and message written by you will make the yearbook much more personal.

    Bring photos and text  with your donation to the front office or Mrs. Tanner’s room.  Ads can also be sent via email to ptanner@pemibaker.org

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact any of the yearbook advisors.  


    Paula Tanner-8th Grade Yearbook Advisor (ptanner@pemibaker.org)

    Jen Weatherbee-7th Grade Yearbook Advisor (jweatherbee@pemibaker.org)

    Lori Cleary-6th Grade Yearbook Advisor (lcleary@pemibaker.org)

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  • Student-Led Conferences!!!
    It is that time of year again.  Student-led conferences will take place on Monday, February 20th.  A sign up letter was sent home with all students last week.  If you would like to set up a time, please call or email Team 8.

    We look forward to meeting with everyone!

    Team 8
    Posted Feb 6, 2017, 11:56 AM by Paula Tanner
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