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44702 Introduction to Psychology

Grades: 12 | Score: Weighted | Credit: 1 | Spring Semester | Elective 

College Credit: 3 DMACC credits - PSY 111

Prerequisite: 1.) Fall semester Psychology course is a requirement to take the second semester for College credit, or instructor permission is needed. 2.) A grade of a "C" must be obtained from the fall semester Psychology course.

The study of the individual mind, how it works and the impact of social/cultural events,  people's thinking and their biological make-up on their choices continues into the 2nd semester of this course.  How does individual develop and thinking change as we gain more experiences, knowledge, and intelligence?  What is the impact of changes on a person's thinking,  choices and behavior?

Spring semester goals:

  • Investigate different types of intelligence and  how changes in thinking and language impact people

  • Understanding various issues surrounding gender

  • Investigate how sensations and perceptions impact individuals

  • Learn memory techniques to help people remember and study better

  • Investigating emotions and motivation within ourselves

  • Looking at the Social aspect of Psychology

College Credit Transfer Details:
The high school offers college credit courses for students but remember, it is the students’ responsibility to request transcripts to be sent to their college of choice for the transfer of credits. There is a form in the guidance office to assist you with this process. 
Important note: your GPA received in these courses MAY affect your college GPA. This will depend on which college you attend. Transcript Release Form