Welcome to the Pella Schools Orchestra Program!

Katherine Bendon
5th-12th Grade Orchestra Director
Andrea Taylor
6th-12th Grade Orchestra Lesson Teacher
Jefferson Intermediate:  (641) 628-8267        Middle School:  (641) 628-4784        High School: (641) 628-3780
It is the mission of the Pella Orchestra Program to:

- provide quality and meaningful musical experiences 

- provide a safe and positive learning environment 

- provide an outlet for creative and artistic expression

- build positive relationships and develop a sense of community in the ensembles

- foster a love and appreciation for music that will last a lifetime

Currently, about 170 students are enrolled in the orchestra program.  

All students have the opportunity to join orchestra, starting in 5th grade.  

If you're interested in joining 5th grade orchestra, be sure to go to the 5th grade page to read more about it!

Ensemble Rehearsals:

5th and 6th grade orchestras = twice a week    Middle School Orchestra = three times a week

High School Orchestra = every day 


5th grade = one weekly 20-minute small group lesson

6th-8th grade = one weekly 13-minute individual lesson 

9th grade = one weekly 20-minute individual lesson 

10th-12th grade = optional one weekly 20-minute lesson  

K-12 Pella Music Department Mission Statement:

To maximize every student's opportunities in musical knowledge, appreciation, and performance.

K-12 Pella Music Department Goals:

1. Students will be comfortable with their instrument (voice/woodwind/brass/ percussion/string etc...) and be able to use it on their own and with other musicians.

2. Students will have opportunities to explore improvisation, composition and arranging.

3. Students will be musically literate.

4. Students will develop the skills necessary to listen to musical performances and provide feedback regarding performance quality.

5. Students will develop the ability to accept feedback regarding their own performances and experience personal growth.

6. Students will develop a desire and an appreciation for listening to music performances of high quality.

7. Students will understand and appreciate music theory and history through music performed.

8. Students will make connections to other disciplines and art forms through music.

9. Students will understand music's place in the community.

10. Students will be able to express themselves through music.