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Auditory Process & reinforcement







    You need to play all 6 games listed under the this link.  You need to make 4 attempts at each game.  Put Your scores for each individual attempt on a spreadsheet for each game on it.  Label the games, label the attempts on the spreadsheet.  Title it:  Brain Games (last name, 1st initial)Using your personal scores as data, gather data from at least 3 other people for their game scores--copy & paste their results in your document (list their 1st names by their scores), make observations/practice pulling information/looking at results from the data and write them down in bullet points/phrases as to what you can concur from this data.  How could each of these games be used for improving brain function and learning based on the results you "see".

Dyslexia explained

The Power of Dyslexia:

Famous Dyslexics

John B Watson's Little Albert Experiment

Little Albert Experiment

BF Skinner #2

BF Skinner #2

Thorndike:  Cat Puzzle boxes

Thorndike puzzle boxes