Meet the Teacher

" A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who nevers reads only lives one." ( George R.R. Martin)

Who am I?
I am:
 an English teacher, 
a social studies teacher, 
a field hockey coach,
 a life long learner, 
level 7 sorceress,  
Jedi master,
member of house Gryffindor,
 and an avid reader. 

I started teaching in Pelham in 2004 and coaching various sports in the district since 2005. English and social studies are two of my passionate subjects; math is my biggest weakness.  I have a strong enthusiasm for middle school learners and the life experiences at this time.  

My classes have high attainable expectations for all students.  All students should come to class with all materials and prepared to engage in the topic of the day.   

Contact Information:
phone- 635-2321 ext. 2104
Twitter- @pstilphen1 (MrsStilphen)